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Clutch Magazine: Snob Lets You Know When to Set Your Bridges To Burn

When is it appropriate to speak out? After the world's most bizarre press conference (that I'm still not 100 percent sure wasn't some form of performance art), the attorneys of George Zimmerman quit due to Zimmerman becoming non-responsive, talking to FOX Newser Sean Hannity and creating a web site to correspond with "supporters." But as bone-crazy as all that sounded, I wondered -- when is it appropriate to start flapping your yap about something potentially controversial? Lucky for you, I've broken it down for when to "press send" on an email of doom, when to publish a blog post of destruction and when to call the calvary for your press conference of bomb dropping.

Here's a taste.

From Clutch:

SEND … If this sober look on what happened to you will actually help others.

Example: When actress Catherine Zeta-Jones got ahead of the press and disclosed she was going into the hospital for treatment for her Bipolar Disorder.

DON’T SEND … If you’re not sober when you decide to do this.

Example: When singer/past-Kardashian lover Ray J got in a “fight” with rapper Fabolous and took to the airwaves – possibly under the influence of something – and went on a long, long time.

SEND … If the bomb you drop will actually distract people from the bigger bomb in your life.

Example: Former First Lady Hillary Clinton calling out the “vast right wing conspiracy” after her husband President Bill Clinton was mired in that whole “couldn’t keep it in the pants” controversy. Nothing like pointing out how no matter how bad it was that your husband cheated on you, the other guy was worse, because he wasted a ton of taxpayer dollars on investigating intern buggery.

DON’T SEND … If the bomb you drop isn’t big enough to take out your target completely – especially if they are a strong target sitting on some bomb-worthy revelations about you as well.

Example: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich calling out former President Clinton for his skirt chasing only for it to be revealed that Gingrich was in the middle of a lengthy affair with the woman who is currently wife No. 3.

Read the full post here at Clutch.

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