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Madame Noire: Breaking Down The Jerks

In my first ever post for Madame Noire, The Snob doesn't waste time blaming all "men" for all the problems in the world. Just a specific bunch of jerks who'd really like you to think it's all men. It's a nice way jerks can cover their tracks by saying their bad behavior is "normal" as opposed to pathological and dysfunctional. But lest you think these specific types of menfolks are only a burden to women, a ho ho ho ... these same douches are nothing but problems for their fellow brothers as well.

There's a thing I always say that the problem with men is "other" men. Most men are perfectly fine, until Head Douche shows up, his visage rising over our otherwise pleasant day like the cost of breast implants, making us all -- male and female -- miserable. He's your narcissist, your manipulator, your liar, your sexual predator, you dead beat dad, your "bitter brother." And he's an equal opportunity jerk, trying to rig the playing field so he can hide his bad behavior under the guise that "all men do it."

No. Head Douche. It's just you. And you, sir, are a douche.

For Madame Noire, I break down the seven tips of jerks I've run across in my 34 years of living.

Here's a sample.

From Madame Noire:

1) The Escape Artist: A common plague upon all of society, the Escape Artist is the epitome of passive aggressive; by disengaging from dealing with his responsibility he leaves behind nothing but the aggression you feel towards him.

Example? Think every verse of The Temptations’ “Papa Was A Rolling Stone.”

Who is he? Your father who bailed on you and your mother rather than taking on the responsibility of child-rearing and honoring his familial obligations.

Who does he affect? Everyone. It’s one thing for one’s parents to break up, but still maintain a healthy relationship with her father as an important part of her life. It’s a whole other when he just disappears, as if you or your mother never mattered at all. Women talk about the Escape Artist a lot because he breaks our hearts with his absence and leaves our children constantly wondering why they weren’t enough for him to stick around. But men are equally affected by his wrath – if you’re the son of the Escape Artist you have the same abandonment issues your sisters have. While many are able to cope and move on to healthy productive lives, there’s always the tragedy of those who don’t cope and find themselves repeating the same cycle of broken homes and abandonment because it is all they know.

Read the full post at Madame Noire.

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i truly do hate the "all" police. the word "some" isn't that hard.

March 22, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterswiv
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