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Clutch Magazine: Your Womb Might Be On A Different Timetable From Your Professional One

Hey! Yeah, you! The woman of child-bearing age! While some women have no problem pushing out babies well past their mid-30s, for many others they run into fertility issues. And psst. It's not just lady parts not working right. Dude parts are screwing up things too! So I wrote a post about it for Clutch. You know? So you could make sure to stay up on your gynocologist visits and you dudes could stop sitting your laptop directly on your lap if you plan to have kids someday.

Or so you can panic? Who feels like panicking!

From Clutch:

If you’re serious about being a first-time mother you need to learn the truth about fertility. While science has improved and our world is striving towards equality, your womb is still on the same biological schedule as it was back when people got married as teenagers. Don’t let the female celebrities over 40 baby boom fool you. Complications, fertility drugs, debates over surrogacy are all the reality for many who delay having children – including the uteri of the rich and famous. But it’s not just your womb you have to worry about. The man of your dreams might be shooting blanks thanks to stress, the modern Western diet, radiation from his cell phone, radiation from his laptop, not getting regular check-ups with a doctor and his lack of exercise.

Many women who find trouble getting pregnant are often encouraged to get their husbands tested for infertility first, as a low or non-existent sperm count is a lot easier and quicker to diagnose than the myriad of problems that could make it hard for a woman to get pregnant.

The result is that for every Fertile Myrtle there, pushing out kids in defiance of a looming menopause, there are a lot of folks weighing fertility treatments versus surrogacy versus adoption.

I also write extensively of how American society is pretty hostile to you having kids and also not starving to death while attempting to raise them. Something, something "free market." It's all in there. People are delaying starting families so they have more money to better take care of them, but screw you if you waited so late working full-time and saving money and your ovaries were all "NOPE!"

Read the full story on Clutch Magazine.

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Interesting post. I often find myself having this same conversation with people (i.e. men) who like to point to the outliers they know and consider them the norm. "So and so had two babies starting at age 38." Great, but most women don't operate that way. I too am afraid of the paradox of waiting to have kids until you can afford to raise them comfortably, only to spend $$ dealing with fertility issues because you've waited so long....

January 20, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSouthrncomfort
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