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Herman Cain Tries To Win Over Black People By Insulting Their Intelligence

Via FacebookYou know? I'll never get this tactic that is, in my opinion, overused by certain black conservatives to get their fellow Negroes to cross over to the GOP side. I call it the "All black people are stupid but me" tactic. Which is, by far, the worst tactic to use. Herman Cain, presidential wannabe and Godfather pizza man, recently went on CNN and said the Democrats have "brainwashed" black people into not seeing conservatism and the Republican Party as viable political options. Which ... OMG? Really? That old lie that pretends like the 1960s and 70s never happened? But then, maybe Cain wasn't trying to win over any black people to the GOP with that statement. Maybe that was really about making white conservatives feel better since the GOP is routinely accused of harboring, defending and protecting bigots within their own party, rather than running them out of town.

From The Root:

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said during an interview that aired on CNN's The Situation Room on Wednesday evening that some members of the African-American community "have been brainwashed into not being open-minded, not even considering a conservative point of view."

He went on to say: “I have received some of that same vitriol simply because I am running for the Republican nomination as a conservative." He added, "So it's just brainwashing and people not being open-minded, pure and simple."

The reason why Cain has to deal with the vitriol is because of all the bigoted things certain members of the GOP have said and done. The fact that he refuses to acknowledge that the GOP welcomed the racist Democrats who refused to reform their racial views with open arms as part of their "Southern Strategy" is insulting. That he believes we should pretend Democrat and former President Lyndon Johnson didn't say the Democrats would lose the South for decades if they backed things like integration, Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. That the majority of members of the Congressional Black Caucus are Democrats and the first party to put up a viable, black presidential candidate in the modern era was the heavily flawed but at least able to acknowledge racism is real, Democratic Party. 

Yes. Folks were "brainwashed." With access and input and jobs and favorable legislation. I have this CRAZY theory that if the GOP gave more black people access, input, jobs and favorable legislation they'd be nicer to Herman Cain and maybe even consider voting for him. But all I ever hear is how black people are "brainwashed" into disliking someone who runs with a party that makes excuses for their bigots and routinely sets up what few black candidates they have to fail. I'm sure Cain remembers that NOT-TO-LONG-AGO the GOP burned Michael Steele not once, but twice. First with their lack of funding, organization and support when he ran for Senate in Maryland. Then a second time when they tried to bully him out of running for RNC chairman again AFTER stripping him of some of his powers. Never mind all the times he had to walk back statements about Rush Limbaugh because, heaven-forbid someone say a critical thing about that bag of wind while also being a Republican.

So, I'm supposed to pretend like Tom Delay blocking former Rep. J.C. Watts from heading up any committees in Congress, then backing a pro-abortion Republican against Watts in his primary to force Watts out of his seat didn't happen. And I'm supposed to pretend like all the times Gen. Colin Powell was shoved into a wood chipper by former Vice President Dick Cheney didn't happen? I'm supposed to pretend like NONE OF THESE THINGS HAPPENED?!

The GOP barely supports their own, home-grown black conservatives, but you expect black voters to make a huge shift out of "open-mindedness?" Maybe Cain should get into a time machine and talk to himself from back in 2008.

From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

A breakthrough African-American candidate who's going to have to break through on his own. The party is not going to push him. I was so disappointed in 2006. Michael Steele could have won if the Republican Party had really rallied behind him. Lynn Swann probably would have been an uphill battle. Ken Blackwell in Ohio, he and Michael Steele both had worked from within the party and paid their party dues. Ken was [Ohio] secretary of state, Michael was lieutenant governor; but then, when they go for the big one, [the Republican National Committee] wasn't there for them. They should have pulled out all the stops to help them, but they didn't. The state can only do so much, but the national party could have done more if they really wanted to.

It doesn't look like some black people are brainwashed, but that maybe Herman Cain has been brainwashed, or just maybe, he's being disingenious and trying to appeal to a segment of white voters who think black people are just making this whole "institutionalized and systematic racism" thing up.

Pandering is as pandering does.

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The argument is not only insulting, but inane. There are plenty of black conservatives, probably in your own family. But even conservative blacks haven't voted Republican because of the GOP's reactionary positions, blindness to latent racism, and history of race-baiting.

October 1, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterZachriel

I don’t know Snob, maybe I am brainwashed. Brainwashed with times I’ve watched the Republicans dog whistle to the Tea Party about President Obama being a Muslim-Hitler-Socialist- No-papers having Kenyan baby, etc….maybe, just maybe I am brainwashed. The better term would be Brain-awash! My brain is awash with all the times Sarah Palin was allowed to stand in front of the Republican base and yell from the podium, “Pallin’ around with Terrorists” all the while she was plotting her raid on the coffers of the Republican party all the way to the FOX News promise land. She pulled out her dog whistle on every occasion. Still to this day, she has never apologized for her involvement in ripping apart the fabric of our democracy, even though she claims it was President Obama.

Now we have Pat Buchanan repeating the meme of Allen West about Blacks being on the Democratic Liberal plantation. Way to go Mr. West, you gained a new friend by paving the road for him to use the language you so niggardly chose to use in order to describe those who support our President. Lest you forget, Pat Buchanan also believes you too were born and raised on that same plantation….remember; the military is a government program……whether you want to believe it or not. We (the taxpayers) paid for your benefits, housing, and education. Others would love to have these benefits without having bullets shot at them to get it. I guess you will be the next person Pat refers to as “Boy” eh? You better check your pockets for your Plantation Pass. You will need it in the very near future. Believe!

Don’t forget how Dick Chaney the ultimate bus driver (figuratively) ran over Colin Powell and then put the bus in reverse to try and ensure he would never get up again. Then when he turned the corner to pick up his base, he went ahead and side-swiped Condoleezza Rice on her way to Stanford to clean up her image. My brain IS awash! Awash with a list of Republican stabs and jabs at African Americans who they continue to toss around like rag dolls under the disguise of Republican inclusion. Don’t be a fool!

Mr. Cain is another story. He believes his pizzeria profession is the perfect topping for our country’s leadership. To highlight his resume would cast him as a formidable candidate for 2012, and I think he is probably well positioned against Romney and Perry. However (and excuse my direct statement) Mr. Cain, you are too black for much of your base to rally around you to the end. If you were a Democrat, you would have a fighting chance of getting to the finish line, but remember all of the people I mentioned above...The Dog-whistler, the Plantation guard, and the Bus Driver, all of whom control the minds of those who will determine your electability? I didn’t even mention the Titanic (Rush Limp-balls). You went to a HBCU, you have a black wife, you fought for Affirmative Action, and you are a darker shade of chocolate. Democrats would LOVE you, but you aligned yourself with the wrong crew. Not to mention, it seems they always have you singin’ and performing wherever you speak. Don’t you know that Plantation owners love to hear Negros singing while they work? Touché’


October 1, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJustice

Your crocodile tears on the careers of Micheal Steele and Col. Powell are pathetic. Steele tried to get the votes of African Americans by appealing to our standard political tropes, only to be shot down by such as Tavis Smiley as being inauthentic. As for Col. Powell he was only embraced by the community after he turned on the Bush administration in the Plame affair. I could go on like this for hours, but neither you or I have the time. Black people have embraced the party of segregation and rebellion, that's all there is to it. Mark my words, if Herman Cain gets the nomination and wins, he will carry 30% of the African American vote, as quiet as it will be kept in our local barbershops. If he is then successful in turning around this Obama recession and maintaining the pressure on the Jihadis, the Democratic Party will face at least thirty years in the wilderness. He will then carry 50% of that vote in the reelection. Bet!

October 1, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJimG33

I appreciate a good story, but please let me correct one of your glaring statements. This IS NOT an OBAMA recession. Here is the breakdown in simple terms:

Let’s say a married couple (we’ll call them America and George) has been living day to day on a budget they both agreed upon. They get up, go to work, and live a regular middle class life. Then one day the husband and wife decide to part ways. When they arrive in divorce court, the lawyers sit down and outline all of the debt they have between them. The lawyer quotes, “When you first married, your combined debt was $5.7 trillion dollars. Since your marriage, the debt has grown to $9.8 trillion. Lo and behold, the wife has had a separate credit card she has used to run up a substantial amount of debt, adding to the increase of $4.1 trillion dollars, a 71.9% increase during their marriage. (Including the cost to fight George’s father’s friend from work, that started over some motor oil – “I’m going to get you for what you did to my daddy”- George W. Bush )

America sits quietly, because little do all the people sitting around the table know, she has already written to the credit card companies asking to raise her credit card limits to a whopping $11.3 trillion. It is the 7th time she has asked for such a request. (CBS News Sept. 29, 2008)

During the divorce proceeding, America discloses that she has signed a contract with a doctor to help her through her chronic depression. That will cost $1.6 billion dollars within the first 10 years after divorce. Since it was signed prior to the divorce, George is still on the hook for that debt as well. (Benefit Drug program, plus TARP)

While they sit at the table and discuss how they are going to bring down the debt the couple has created, they are also accruing $247.3 billion dollars in interest on the money borrowed. When they finally divorce, the contracted debt is $10.7 trillion they must pay back to the banks and other loan arrangements with family members (Politifact .com – checking Rahm Emanual’s claim of debt left by Bush). However, the interest on the debt is still rolling in, and the costs of America’s medical bills are continuing to grow.

Now the couple needs to come up with a plan to pay the debt, so they start to share their true debt issues with allies and other banks in order to ask for assistance, however NO ONE with half a brain cell would loan money to these two because they have hid the truth from their current lenders and continued to stack debt upon divorce.
George decides he can’t take it anymore and throws in the towel and retires to a ranch in Texas that he bought in his own name during the marriage. He decides he doesn’t want to talk to anyone for at least a year, because everyone wants to know how he was so oblivious to what was going on right under his very nose.

America moves back home with her family, and moves in her new boyfriend. He’s ambitious and has a lot of hope for their future together. He turns to the family members and says, “Just give me a chance. I just need your help to help America get through this tough time and clean up the books”. But, when he goes and speaks with the same family members who helped her to run up the debt by hiding the bills, they claim they know nothing about what has been happening (sound familiar?). So the only thing the new boyfriend can do is turn to his Chinese neighbors and ask for a loan to at least get some income coming in to help pay for some of this debt. However, those loans also come with interest.

While the boyfriend is going over all of the debt and the tangled legal aspects of his new girlfriend’s borrowing patterns he finds not only has she lied on several occasions, she has been setting up a nice nest egg for herself and all of her friends in the process……..

Now I ask you, who would want to do any business with this girl in the future? She can’t pay her bills, and continues to lie about how she got into this mess. Since she can’t even come to grips with how she got into this situation, America is forced to face facts. She is in debt up to her eyeballs and it will take YEARS to correct her habits and get back on track to some form of sanity. Her new boyfriend is suggesting she switch medical plans to something cheaper (Obama-does-care plan) and more streamlined for her health and to trim the fat on her spending. The problem is, when she goes to her congressional family to work through her issues, they don’t want to help her because she is dating a black man, and that is considered a stain on their legacy.

The sad part is, the family doesn’t see that by holding back any help for the boyfriend’s plan, they are actually taking the rest of the household down the toilet with the debt. Just as the boyfriend is pleading with them to at least call their rich uncle and ask him to pay more since he uses a larger share of the house for the business he is running out of the garage, the uncle walks in on the conversation and says, “If you make me pay more, I will fire my two nephews to recoup my lost income”. Even though he knows this would cause a larger problem because they would lose two portions of the mortgage money, he is only worried about his bottom line. Meanwhile, the boyfriend still has hope and is trying to get revenue coming into the home, by asking all of the girlfriend’s family to pay their fair share toward the mortgage. They just sit and look at him as if he has fallen and bumped his head on a stone.

So now they all sit, while the bills keep piling up, and the Chinese neighbors are starting to wonder if they will ever pay back their loans. To make matters worse, the Chinese neighbors are calling everyone in the neighborhood to say they are “King of the world” and they can take America’s family home with the swipe of a pen. The only problem is, if they make any hasty moves they will be stuck with a bunch of debt on the books that will never be paid. So now the whole neighborhood (world) is stuck until:

1. The rich uncle kicks in some extra funds to get revenue flowing into the home
2. The Chinese call America and force her to work the streets (sell everything) for money to pay the debt
3. The black boyfriend breaks up with America, so the family will work with America to fix the problems

To be continued….

Since you were telling an entertaining story, I thought I would tell one that at least had an element of truth.


October 1, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJustice

Justice, you are my hero.

October 2, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSandy

Which is why the current dust-up about the stone on Rick Perrys' land in Texas is also so insulting. While the fact that a potential national republican candidate in the 21st century has land called N-----head (however obscured) should not be too surprising (dog bites man), it is especially disingenuous for Cain to use it to score political points. To me that really insults my/our intelligence.

But then again, I am brain-washed to vote democratic so the whole story must really be some Manchurian plot right (man bites dog)? You see, that stone really was not there before the Washington Post reporter found it last week... Maybe they actually painted the name N-----head on the stone themselves? Better yet the CBC did it! And the NAACP supplied the paint while they brushed. That would make for interesting copy wouldn't it? "Cain Calls CBC/NAACP Insensitive For Using The N-word In Support of Democrats! They of course are also brainwashed by the mighty democratic beast and of course pigs do fly. I saw a couple this morning fly by my window... Lord help us if this man ever leads anything beyond pizza.

October 3, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterjgundam83

Nice breakdown, Justice!

October 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCDF

I might step on a couple of toes here, but why do we get so up in arms about black republicans in general. We are not a monolith, we have different points of views and different perspectives. Danielle, you gave some excellent reasons to be a democrat, but I'm sure republicans have equally valid reasons for their political choice. In large black people do vote democrat without even thinking about it. And although you and many of your readers have valid reasons for doing so, in the large scheme of things, most probably vote democrat because that's the way they've been raised. In that sense, I understand what Cain means by "brainwashing". Personally, I don't know much about Cain, and he has not really peaked my interest too much either.

That's my 2 cents, take it or leave it, it's no big deal.

October 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterTiffany

I saw Cain speak to this Sunday. As he described it, many black voters that he approaches will not talk to him or rebuff him with, "I can't talk to you, you are that Republican or Conservative".

Herman and I don't hang out, so I don't know if that really happens. However, if a black person in America has a chance to talk to a black candidate for President, and refuses to even talk, they sound brainwashed to me.

I guess this is the best post to remind you of something - the Democratic Party does not care about black people. They know they have the black vote, so they don't do anything positive for black people. People that feel indebted to the Democrats for the Great Society programs are fools. Lyndon Johnson (unabashed racist) delivered those programs to end riots and make black people stop marching and protesting. It worked. Millions are pacified by the government hand outs, but the quality of life within the community is worse. Poverty rates are higher, more fatherless children, drug usage up, murder rates up. So when Herman sees his brothers and sisters dedicated to the white liberals who brought us this Great Society - of course he fears the worst.

October 3, 2011 | Unregistered Commentertarheelio

@ Tiffany

Well, I think that's typical for any constituency. Some people are not going to be as fluent or as interested in politics as others and will go with the herd. But usually large, self-indentifiying groups come to these "group" decisions based on some sort of incident or reasoning, even if the follower is hazy on the specifics. So, sure, some people vote Democratic without much thought, but a lot of people vote Democrat or Republican without much thought. I, personally, have no problem with black conservatives, I just get tired of the argument that people came to these conclusions because they were tricked or for completely arbitrary reasons. Black people were overwhelmingly Republican after the Civil War because many Republicans were abolitionists and fought to end slavery. And that ties into my point of ...

@ tarheelio

Whether or not you think the Great Society plan was effective ignores the reality that an individual or a political party has to still actually do something to get someone to vote for them. Lincoln had to fight to save the Union and to end slavery as part of a political party that had an anti-slavery platform to get the support of African Americans. For years, because of this, many black people supported the Republican Party. The shift to the Democratic Party happened gradually, as the Democrats (which historically were vested in populist, working class movements), starting applying those same populist/working class views to African Americans, with a Democrat, Harry S. Truman, integrating the military, and later presidents like Johnson who became interested in pushing Civil Rights legislation.

Again, if Cain has a better alternative or if any Republican has a better alternative they have to actually make the case and do something. Pointing out what we already know (that the Democrats are flawed and often treat the black vote as a given), doesn't solve the problem that you have one party that takes the vote for granted and another party that says you should vote for them but seems completely disinterested in appealing to you.

Republicans rarely make a case for the black vote and have been shoddy in recruiting more African Americans, giving them greater voice and influence in the party, creating legislation and pushing an agenda that fits with issues African Americans care about and being more proactive about reducing and removing those who hold racist views from positions of influence within the party. Without any of those things, they will always struggle to get black support because there is little to no evidence that they care or have a plan of action regarding the African American community. Rush Limbaugh isn't voting for Republicans out of some lofty notion or ideal. It's because they deliver the things he wants. The day they stop running on a platform of lower taxes, smaller government, end and/or severely limit entitlement programs and to end all racial/gender equality measures, that is the day he will stop supporting them.

You still have to do something people like, want or believe in to get them to politically back you. Even the folks who are disinterested, unmotivated voters who don't pay much attention outside of the presidential election still need to get the gist of what you are. You can't sell someone something if you never figure out what they want to buy the first place.

October 3, 2011 | Registered CommenterDanielle Belton

of course, because obama got 95 percent of the black vote because said 95 percent knew the issues.

LMAO. ok.

October 3, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterswiv


95 percent may not have known ALL of the issues, but 95% knew Palin and her base were racist. I think that is the only fact that was needed to sway the votes. Not to mention, Obama's foot soldiers went into communities where Republicans would never set foot! It's kind of hard to get people to vote for you if you are afraid to go into their neighborhoods and ask for support. You can't just shout from the edges of the suburbs and think the urbanites will hear you.....HA!



October 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJustice

of course, because anyone who supports a republican candidate is racist. right. and anyone who supports a democrat must also be a welfare queen, then. of course.

is it that they wouldn't go into the neighborhoods or they knew the neighborhoods wouldn't support them? for no other reason than because they were republican? why spend the effort and money a measly 5 percent of the vote when you can focus on your core base? sounds like a stupid plan to me.

October 4, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterswiv


After reading the voting results from the article below, it just seems to me like Republicans are a dying breed…along with their ideas. Obama won in more categories than Black Americans, but it seems as though that is all Anti-Obama Republicans keep thinking. Maybe that is why they lost, they focused on the wrong issues and the wrong strategies…I see a theme running through the Republicans….wrong issues, wrong strategies, wrong people.


But Mr. Obama proved to be a phenomenal campaigner, drawing huge and excited crowds and defeating Mrs. Clinton in Iowa, an overwhelmingly white state.

Initial signs were that Mr. Obama benefited from a huge turnout of voters, but particularly among blacks. That group of voters made up 13 percent of the electorate on Tuesday, according to surveys of people leaving the polls, compared with 11 percent in 2006.

Mr. Obama was also winning overwhelmingly among Latino voters. Mr. McCain was faring much poorer among those voters compared with how President Bush performed in 2004, suggesting a long-term problem for the Republican Party with a rapidly growing demographic group.

Mr. McCain’s chief strategist, Steve Schmidt, demurred when asked whether he thought in was happy with Ms. Palin’s performance. “I’m not going to go there,” Mr. Schmidt said. “There’ll be time for the post-mortems in the race.”
Reflecting Mr. Obama’s ability to draw new voters to his side, 70 percent of people voting for the first time said they had backed him. A similar percentage of voters under 30 years old also supported him.

The only age group that went for Mr. McCain, who is 72, were voters 65 and older, according to the exit polls conducted by Edison/Mitofsky.

One in eight respondents said that age was an important factor in their vote; of those, three quarters voted for Mr. Obama.

Early exit polls suggested that Mr. Obama was receiving the support of half of men. If that continued, he would be the first Democratic candidate since Jimmy Carter in 1976 to do so. Seven in 10 voters under 30 backed Mr. Obama, and voters over 65 supported Mr. McCain ( 11/04/08)

Won in Iowa (white state)
Huge turnout of Blacks (95% of the 13% of Black voters)
Overwhelmingly winning among Latino voters
70% of people voting for the first time (not all Black voters)
1 in 8 said age was a factor
½ of male voters (Blacks are only 13%, so they can’t be half of all male voters)
Palin was a huge bonus for Democrats. She was sending Republicans running to vote for Obama (Thanks Grifter!)

Facts actually matter........


October 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJustice

you're reading voting results from 4 year ago? and of course the 2010 republican "revolution" was totally irrelevant. LMAO. yea, ok. he had a filibuster proof senate and a majority house. and lost both. let's just skip over that little bit of history.

October 5, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterswiv

I believe I was responding to your prior post when providing the voting facts of four years ago:

“is it that they wouldn't go into the neighborhoods or they knew the neighborhoods wouldn't support them? for no other reason than because they were republican? why spend the effort and money a measly 5 percent of the vote when you can focus on your core base? sounds like a stupid plan to me.”

Now regarding the new Republican guard that marched into the House and Senate, you are correct, there were plenty of lost Democratic seats and look where that got us…….I guess my notes regarding the Republican strategies stand firm. We are deadlocked, and the country is a toilet flush away from being sold for Indian beads, while the Republicans are yelling “WE WON, WE WON!” Excellent, now you have to actually do the work. So again, we are still waiting for the Republicans to do ANYTHING that would help to improve our situation…..maybe that is the recent HISTORY YOU FORGOT! HA! Not to mention, they came flying through the door taking away the rights of the middle class, in order to prove they want smaller government. Well, seems as though the people who didn’t vote are finally finding out that mid-term elections DO matter, and they are recalling these CRUSTY REPUBLICANS left and right. Not to overshadow the shrinking numbers of the Tea Party. When those fools woke up they realized they were voting against their own interests. They realized without the government they wouldn’t have a pot to piss in, or a window to throw it out of! HA! Just look at their fearless leader Mrs. Bachmann. She is a walking government subsidy, including her husband milking the government for everything including his rhinestone stilettos. I know the history and the present very well. We’re screwed by the present Republican agenda, “make Obama a one term President”. That’s the goal, so we all must suffer in the process.

I laugh when people cheer for gridlock. Let’s all jump up and down for unemployment, and cutting programs, YEAAAAHHHH Republicans! Now look around, is anyone winning? Hell NO!

I am not a partisan hack, nor do I subscribe only to the Democratic agenda.....BUT, even RAY CHARLES can see what the Republicans are doing to this country. They know they are tap dancing around the issues, and trying to keep the unemployment rate up in order to point to Obama as the “Great divider”. We see the game, and know it well. “Government Program” is code word for “Black People” in this country, so they want to end everything to take away from those who are already disenfranchised.

Keep rooting for the Republicans, they need people like you to show support for their err…policies.

My only question is, when the Dems take everything back in 2012 will the Republicans say it is a referendum on Republican policies, or was it that ALL BLACK PEOPLE wanted their welfare back, and Obama was personally writing the checks? The clock is ticking........


October 5, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJustice

LMAO. i'm a registered democrat. who voted for obama in 2008. the fact that you automatically think i'm a republican because i choose not to think that the republican party is racist and evil like so many other mindless democrats do shows you may be in fact part of the brainwashed crew caine is talking about.

again, why waste money and effort for a measly 5 percent of the vote? when you can spend money and effort to get close to 50? still sounds like a stupid plan to me. and it's been 5-15 percent for decades. wonder why that is?

October 5, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterswiv


I don’t claim party affiliation (Virginia resident); however you certainly placed your support for the ideas of Republicans square on the page. I don’t know if you are a Democrat or Republican, but you were standing in the middle of the street when the truck rolled through, so you kinda got hit.

I’ve already discussed the issue of being brain washed (2nd post on the page), and I know I am far from it.
However, spending money for five percent of the vote is seed money if you want to know the truth. If Republicans could have invested in the effort to garner five percent of the Black vote, many of those neighborhoods also include Latinos, which would have served them well in 2012. Now they are starting from scratch, and will try and sell a message, “We’ve been here for you all along”… that is hilarious!

When I used to sell clothes to pay my way through college (every dime), I remember approaching people who would tell me, “Just looking”. I would politely say, “Well, since you are just looking, why don’t we have some fun putting outfits together during your visit”. Some would say, “Sure, sounds fun”. Others would walk away. That was fine, because I would have been standing there doing nothing, shining the racks, or buttoning shirts, unless they walked through the door. I would venture to say 3 out of 10 people would come back to the store and look for me to help them when they got paid, wanting to purchase an item and sometimes one of the outfits we put together. Some would even bring a friend or family member to shop. When you are on commission, every dollar counts. Just like every vote matters.

I use this illustration to show how investing when people have nothing, can sometimes pay off when they finally get something. This is what the Democrats know very well. They don’t look at the condition of people and believe they will stay there for eternity. They look and say, “We should invest in this community with voter education, programs, and additional resources to improve their standard of living”. They get the premise that there are more people at the bottom of the pyramid in terms of voting power than at the top.

So in the big scheme of things, it is not 5 %. It is more like 20% because those neighborhoods are not only black/brown in color, they are the ones who will stand loyal to those who are paying the same attention they see being directed at other affluent neighborhoods. They may not have a true investment account, but they know what investment in a neighborhood looks like.

By spending no money, you just told the people they weren't even worth the crumbs from your table.

That is why the small amount of money directed at the 5% matters.


October 5, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJustice

i said nothing of the sort. i just stated that the argument that the republican party is racist is about as valid as the democratic party being full of welfare queens. it's a battle, and you fight the battles you can win. and for decades, they've lost that. often times for no other reason than they're republican.

what's the point of seed money in politics? for what? why would i as a politician spend money so that instead of 5 percent, the candidate 12-16 years from now (when my political career might very well be over) might get 15 percent of the vote? in a community where there is less than 10 percent voter turnout? again, that's foolish and a waste of funds.

October 5, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterswiv


Not all investments take 12-16 years to mature....... my Apple stock tripled in less than a year.

Those seeds that were planted in 2008 will grow even larger this time around. You call it waste, Obama calls it VICTORY!

The Republicans will have no other choice than to put Marco Rubio on the ticket as a Vice-Presidential candidate. They are getting desperate. They know they have not invested in those communities, so they need a Latino poster child to try and curry favor with the Latino population (the fastest growing population in the nation). Don't forget, many Latinos know their heritage and know they come from African bloodlines. In other words...BLACK!

I bet the Republicans wish they would have made it rain in some of those communities now…..


October 5, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJustice

uhh, apple stock and political preference isn't the same thing. and to compare the two is ludicrous.

obama didn't have to plant any seeds. he got 95 percent of the black vote. and he would have gotten 95 percent of the vote no matter who ran against him. blacks have been voting 85-100 percent democrat for decades. "seed" money isn't going to change that. that seed money would be a stupid investment with little reward. and black latinos is hardly the group rubio will be pandering to.

October 6, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterswiv

I am sure you had low SAT scores, since you can't compare and contrast independent items in a dialog. In order to be bigger, you must be able to think bigger.

As a frame of reference, although Obama received 95% of the black vote, there were:

But with Barack Obama on the ballot, the makeup of the 131 million who voted last year was markedly different. While the number of non-Hispanic white voters remained roughly the same, 2 million more blacks, 2 million more Latinos and 600,000 more Asians turned out. Compared with 2004, the voting rate for black, Asian and Hispanic voters increased by about four percentage points. The rate for whites declined by one percentage point. In 2004, according to the census, barely 60 percent of eligible blacks voted. In 2008, nearly 65 percent did (as did 66 percent of white voting-age citizens). But one of the biggest changes was the gap between black and white participation. In 2004, the rate of black voter registration was 10 percentage points below that of whites. Last year, it narrowed to four percentage points. Thom File, a voting analyst with the Census Bureau, said the turnout among blacks ages 18 to 24 increased 8 percent from 2004, to 55 percent. That helped drive the overall turnout in that group to 49 percent, still lower than among older eligible voters. Among voters 18 to 24 and 25 to 44, blacks voted at a higher rate than whites in 2008. “In 2008 we obviously had a historic candidacy,” said Paul Taylor, executive vice president of the Pew center. “That’s certainly a plausible explanation for the spike in African-American turnout. The question was, Would other minorities vote for this minority? Not only did he get a big vote, but he got a big turnout.” (NYTimes 7/21/09)

Which means the investment needed to be beyond sitting with the same number of voters and whites, it was investing in signing up new voters and minorities for the election. Blacks/Latinos increased by 4%, for a total of 4 million voters. New minority voters are outpacing white voters, so the Republican investment could have made a difference in these communities with “other” minorities, but they decided to walk away from those voters as well. They focused on whites, and invested large sums of money to promote their flag pin policies, and their maverick madness. This is evidence that investing in communities of color matter. You may still buck the notion, because you CHOOSE to buck the notion; however the facts are squarely on the page and in the ballot box. That 4% made an impact whether you choose to believe it or not. Like I said previously, it was larger than 4% because it carried over to other minorities as well. The information is from the 2008 (3 years ago, not 4) cycle, but history shows minorities don’t turn out to vote in smaller elections if it is not a Presidential election on the ballot. There will be plenty of voting in 2012 to go around. Buckle up!

Now that the Obama campaign signed up all of these new voters and have their contact information, chances are the voters will show up to vote again, in the same way they did in the past. Using the same strategies and continuing to go after younger and minority voters, will also prove to be a beneficial investment. Those young voters energized the election and provided plenty of free advertising for the campaign.

If this was such a bad strategy, why are the Republicans trying to use the same playbook with their new “young guns” strategy? Sounds like they know it worked as well……

Marco Rubio is already telling the Republican establishment to back off of the tactics used regarding immigration. He knows that the type of attacks being waged against his community is a bull horn warning Latinos not to vote for Republicans. Blacks already recognize the call.

I don’t believe all Republicans are racist, however I don’t see anyone dragging any of these devil tongued candidates from the podium when they make remarks that are blatantly racist. If you (Republican voters) are co-signing what is being said, then you too are lumped in with those with vile speech. Therefore, the Republican base became very one dimensional in their target and comments regarding a black man running for office, as well as those who choose to support him.

It is truly my fault we have bantered this long. I was taught, "You can't rationalize with the irrational", and I should have listened.

Last post.


October 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJustice

LMAO! oooo, personal attacks. don't get mad at me that you analogy was stupid and inapplicable. stocks are volatile and subject to vast change in short periods of time. political preference, particularly for people of color aren't. to even attempt to compare the two silly and shows that your critical thinking skills are subpar for even today's failing generation. let me know what schools you went to, so i can steer my children away from them.

obama recieved 95 percent of the black vote. gore and clinton recieved more than 80 percent. hell, carter, mondale, and dukakis probably recieved the overwhelming majority as well. democrats have been getting the overwhelming percentage of the black vote for decades. so much so that they haven't even had to plant any seeds for years because it's guaranteed. see the difference? if not, i can use smaller words.

so again, what is the point of "planting seed money" to pander to the black vote by republicans? a little money? sure. a lot of money? a waste.

is the latino vote more volatile? probably. is the asian vote more volatiles? probably. the stock analogy may apply to those voting blocs. but not the black vote. and that's who cain was talking about.

and i'm still a democrats. the fact that you assume anyone who disagrees with you as the opposite party shows that you're one of mindless individuals cain was talking about. hit dogs do holler.

October 7, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterswiv


For reference, both of my graduate degrees are from the University of Virginia, undergraduate from California State. I am sure BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT, your children could NEVER get in! HAHAHAHAHAHHAH
In Education, we call it the Apple Tree Theory. Fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.......

Proof: and i'm still a democrats / is the asian vote more volatiles?

I am sure Norfolk State has slots available. No SATs required! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Additionally, you proved my point in your own post:
is the latino vote more volatile? probably. is the asian vote more volatiles? probably. the stock analogy may apply to those voting blocs.

Those neighborhoods house the same groups discussed in my posts, Blacks and Latinos. Cain discussed Blacks, because he IS Black, however as he continues to speak we hear more of his ignorance. Now he says he didn't march during the Civil Rights Movement because he was in high school, and only college kids were marching. WRONG! He was in college during that time as well. You chose to listen and agree with Mr. Cain, so your rhetoric is reflective of those you choose to believe, quote, and follow. Own it!

We can spar again on another post, but I wanted to make sure you knew I appreciated your confirmation of my statements.

BTW, Here is the number to Norfolk State: 757.823.8600. For a safety school, just tell me which area you live in and I will find the number for the local, "We admit anyone with a pulse" campus.

You’re the best!

October 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJustice

LMAO! i wouldn't wipe my ass with a degree from either of those institutions. california state? what, 13th grade? yea ok. and it was probably in some menial field of study that doesn't require critical thinking skills and logical thought processes.

ooo, you found a typo. that doesn't change the point. just because that's what you chose to focus on shows how poorly thought out your response was.

are you stupid? was he talking about the latino and asian voting blocs? no. are we talking about that? no. cain was talking to the black voting bloc. don't try and change the subject because your analogy didn't apply to the topic at hand. it shows that you're emotionally affected and don't have the intellectual firepower to properly put together a coherent point. i said it's applicable to something that ISN'T the topic at hand. i don't know if that could be put more clearly for you, but now i'm convinced i might need to keep the words to one or two syllables maximum.

again, so we can get back to the point.....large amounts of seed money into the black community from a republican foolish and won't change the outcome of elections. the democrats have gotten more than 80 percent of the black vote for the last 30 years. republican seed money isn't going to change or affect that. that was the point of my posts, and now you're putting twomp on 20 because your reading comprehension skills are so atrocious.

October 9, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterswiv
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