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Danielle Celena Belton, aka "The Snob"


A cultural Rosetta Stone for a racially bewildered country, Danielle Belton is a fresh voice for satire and cultural wit. – Cintra Wilson, author “Colors Insulting to Nature”

Born and raised St. Louis, Mo. on a healthy diet of news programming, pop culture, black history and “snark,” Danielle Belton, daughter of loving “regular folk” and wife of no one, examines the irreverent side of American life.

With two million readers in less than two years, Belton is best known as the editor/writer of the pop culture-meets-politics blog The Black Snob.

Belton is currently Editor-At-Large for Clutch Magazine Online, and was recently head writer for the late night television show Don't Sleep hosted by T. J. Holmes on BET.

In early 2011, Belton wrote the biggest story in the history of the news site, by securing the first Q&A with the woman caught in the middle of the “Craigslist Congressman” scandal. (Who, coincidentally happened to be a close friend of hers and a fellow blogger.) The story turned into multiple TV appearances, including ABC’s Good Morning America and MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.

As an advocate for mental illness, Belton also blogs about Bipolar Disorder for BP Magazine's online site. She penned her own profile in BP Magazine summer 2011 and recently wrote about her battle with mental illness for the January 2012 edition of Essence Magazine. has a readership spanning political junkies, journalists, fellow bloggers, political pundits, authors, academics, legislators and political strategists. 

The Black Snob has earned critical acclaim, appearing in Time MagazineThe New York Times, The Observer (UK), The Daily Beast, Essence Magazine, The Associated Press, The American Prospect, as well as appearing on CNN, MSNBCNPR, PBS, Good Morning America, HLN, ABC’s Nightline, Al Jazeera English, CCTV and Russia Today.

As a commentator, Belton is also a regular contributor to NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin, PBS' To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe and CNN Sundays. Before that, she was a regular roundtable contributor on NPR’s News and Notes with Farai Chideya in 2008.

A sought after public speaker, Belton recently spoke at Yale University for its Black Solidarity Conference. She was also a featured speaker and panelist during Harvard University’s Black Policy Conference in 2009 and during historic African American institution, Howard University’s annual School of Mass Communications conference later that same year. She toured as a speaker with poet Bassey Ikpi’s “Basseyworld Live” show in 2010 and spoke at the Essence Magazine's Women's Conference in New York City later that same year. In 2011, she was a featured panelist during the National Association of Black Journalists annual conference.

Winner of several accolades, in 2012, Belton was listed among political web site Politic365’s “Game Changers” honorees and Belton was recently honored in 2012 by the site BlogHer for their “Voices of the Year” award for her post on the Trayvon Martin murder case.

In 2011 she was named one of Black Enterprise's "Leaders of the New School," for movers and shakers under 35, acknowledged for her blogging work. And Belton has been featured annually among's "bloggers to watch."

Also in 2010, she was named among Clutch Magazine’s Top Tastemakers, coming in at number nine out of 50. Belton’s web site has won Black Weblog Awards for Best Political Blog (2010 & 2011), Best Writing in a Blog (2008 and 2009) and Best Blog Series (2008). The site was also won recognition from’s “Shining Star Awards” in 2008 for Best Overall Political Blog and Best New Political Blog.

As a freelance journalist, Belton has written for: Essence Magazine, MSNBC,, The American Prospect, BP Magazine, theGrio, The Root,, Madame Noire, Black Enterprise, Clutch Magazine Online, The Bakersfield Californian, NPR, The New School on POTUS, Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, DailyKos, The Huffington Post, Seven Magazine, Fotorater,, Cintra Wilson’s Dregublog, The Loop 21, and

Before the excitement of the last three years, Belton was the former blogger and online campaign manager for non-profits New Security Action/Win Without War and was a reporter and newspaper columnist for The Bakersfield Californian

Belton currently splits her time between the East Coast and her hometown of St. Louis, Mo. where she maintains her site and works as a social networking/media consultant. She is currently working on a book about the social and economic classes of the African American community.

For questions, media requests or additional information, you can reach The Snob via email:

Follow @blacksnob on Twitter.


THE BLACK SNOB is a rare voice in punditry. She's a black feminist, but never strident or professional victim;  she's personal, but not self indulgent; she's educated, but not a snob, despite the title. She's smart, funny and often delivers the last word in a world full of people trying to define issues.  

 Reginald Hudlin, film/TV producer, writer, director

Danielle Belton's Black Snob is one of my favorite blogs. It manages to tackle race and blackness with a keen intelligence, and a necessary sense of humor. Black Snob is irreverent without being cynical. The site comes across is full color, never sepia.

– Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic

Danielle Belton’s The Black Snob is all brilliant, snarky, chocolatey goodness—steeped in wisdom, wrapped in truth, and smart down to the last delicious, must-read word. Try not to sprain your neck nodding in agreement—and pray you never find yourself in her crosshairs.

— Denene MillnerNew York Times best-selling author and founder and editor-in-chief of MyBrownBaby

Whenever I am reading the work of Danielle Belton, aka “The Black Snob,”  I feel like I am getting permission to do something deliciously illegal. Danielle provides the most erudite, hilarious, sometimes shocking and always blazingly truthful answers to all the stupid questions you always wanted to know about African-American culture but were too intimidated or PC to ask. She is a walking Rosetta Stone for a racially bewildered nation, and the ultimate guide to a better understanding of our fellow Americans in the era of Obama. The Black Snob is absolutely necessary to our cultural integrity, and should be compulsory reading for anyone who wishes to remain in the United States

 Cintra Wilson, author “Colors Insulting to Nature”